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by Michael Blauner (201) 665-0591


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Many homes have a treadmill or dumbbell these days, but a home gym is more than just an accumulation of equipment — it’s the product of a well-conceived design that’s as functional as it is motivating.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much space — nor does it require plumbing, or any rewiring — to set up a home gym. It does, however, take careful planning to optimize the square footage and create a sound, safe, and inviting workout space that you and your family will be motivated by.

I see designing gyms as an art form

I challenge myself to work with the space available and design the most efficient, inspiring and motivational space possible. When I’m invited into a client’s home, my mind instantly starts working and figuring out how I can make the space the best it can be. Often I’m invited to a client who already has a gym and I find that they have equipment that isn’t suited to their needs, or perhaps, even too much equipment. It is then that I wish they had called me prior to making an investment that could have been a wiser choice. My goal is to optimize your space, and to help you realize your dream!


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home gym design personal trainer

Whether it’s a formal fitness room built specifically for that purpose or a section of your basement allotted for exercise, I will design an inspiring, beautiful and fun space that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

in home personal training

Local Bergen County High Rise Fitness Center Custom Redesigned by Michael Blauner

Before & After Photos:



The Custom In Home Gym Design Process:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Discuss Fitness Goals and Dreams
  • Evaluate Your Current Exercise Space
  • Begin Design Process with Proposed Layout
  • The End Result is the Gym of your Dreams!


  • Your space is efficiently optimized
  • The design is cost effective
  • All equipment is suited to your personal needs and goals
  • Not just equipment but mirrors, lighting, sound, flooring and art!
  • Now let’s work-out because 4 Complimentary Training Sessions are Included

What’s In It For YOU?

An amazing gym leads to a very healthy and happy life. Your in home gym should be considered one of the most important rooms in your home, since without your health what are we? And since your home is beautiful, shouldn’t your in home gym be beautiful as well? Home gym professionally designed by Michael Blauner:

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