Proven Weight Loss Secrets Shared

Weight loss means changing habits.
Weight loss means having a goal.
Weight loss means being able to enjoy a healthier life.

Michael Blauner, weight loss specialist, gives you a fast, safe and proven way to lose belly fat and shed unwanted pounds.

My plan for weight loss is the perfect combination of an easily managed fitness routine and proper nutrition. Combining the right mix of exercises including strength training, cardio fitness, calisthenics, core training, balance work, Pilates, flexibility and so much more. This, together with a sound plan of proper nutrition/diet equals success. It’s a program that is goal oriented and proven successful!

Whether we’re working on how to lose belly fat, shape buttocks or thighs or target other areas, we do it together! Yes, you’ll have to change some habits, but you’ll regain that youthful feeling–being more comfortable with yourself and your life.

Best Way to Lose Weight

Lose weight the right way! 65% of Americans are overweight. 35% are obese. We all know it’s a serious problem that can lead to serious illness. The best way to lose weight is not going to come from a recent fad or a magic pill. Fast but safe timeframes of proven methods assure weight loss and impressive gains in strength and endurance.

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